Our Mission

Our Mission here at “The World’s Greatest Online Cat Store” is to Save Cats Lives! We love cat’s and want all of our furry friends to have a safe, nurturing and healthy life. 

About Our Mission

Our Plans with our donations and profits from our sales will go to the goal of creating beautiful, safe, healthy environment for all feral and homeless pets. We have worked with our local shelters volunteering for such programs as TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) and see the sad and cruel life these cats still live.

What is life like as a feral cat?

Many times IF these cats are lucky enough to survive cold, rain, and chronic starvation, the  rest of their lives is being spent fighting other cats just to eat with raccoon’s and rats from dumpsters,  Life for an unaltered female cat  can be horrible as they suffer a life of being chronically pregnant. As soon as she gives birth she is subject to “tom cats” and is frequently impregnated the same day she gave birth. Their is no reprieve for these cats. 

Did you know? 

One Unaltered Female Cat and it’s offspring can produce a whooping 420,000 Cats within 7 Years!

A Disneyland for Cats?

Yes, that is exactly what we aim to do here at “The World’s Greatest Online Cat Store”. Our goal is to purchase and create mini plots of land large enough to hold 1000 cats or more at a time. Setting up multiple locations in each county.

An Onsite Cat Hospital

For our furry friends we will need an online 24/7 veterinarian. We will also need to employ “caretakers” for the cats. Many will have to be rehabilitated and reintroduced to the community. We will need a large space to occupy the unsocialized cats.

A Country Store

In our General Store we will sell everything related to cats but also create a logo for hats/t-shirts/ to raise money for donations.


The vision is to create an idyllic landscape with kitties lounging in trees, beds, tucked away in handmade mini homes. The “Minature Homes” could be installed with solar panels to help keep warm in winter months. For each “Mini Home” we could create a theme, making them colorful and comfortable for the cats.

Feline Friends and Feeders

We’ll hire staff to feed our felines with our homemade 100% healthy cat chow.  The staff will be responsible for keeping the park clean including our secluded in ground sand litter boxes. 

Our Ultimate Goal

Our Ultimate Goal is to create a Dream Park for Cats. A destination for visitors. One idea is to have a 25 acre maze that visitors would pay to enter. The “Cat Park” that would have a sidewalk could be accessed from the public for $5.00.

How can the Charity Thrive?

Many of our cats will be sponsored by pet lovers and local businesses! Depending upon the individual cat we can pitch for donations until each cat is fully sponsored.

Is this Possible? 

Yes this is possible with your help!

So just to be clear all sales sold through Amazon and all donations will go towards the development of creating our vision.

We know that God is great and will provide by trusting in his grace.