In Memory

This page is dedicated to our Furry Friends that have Passed On to the Rainbow Bridge. We will never forget you!

Bayside Bayside

May 2007  - December 2011 

My little Bayside!

Dear Bayside,

You will be forever in my heart. Your gentle nature left a deep impression upon my heart. Even now 5 years later my heart hurts and tears stream down my face because I miss you. Time has moved on but the wound is still fresh. I am sorry my beautiful baby I failed you. I love you and will come and get you  at the Rainbow Bridge. Don't ever forget how much I love you.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Such a little Ham!!!

Baysides Story:

Bayside was born in May of 2007 and when she was 2 months old she was thrown from a moving car on the "Bayside Bridge" in Clearwater, Florida. My boyfriend at the time was a deputy and was called to the scene regarding a kitten running around on the highway. They were able to stop traffic and rescue her however she had injuries from being thrown and was taken to the Humane Society to recover. My boyfriend knew I was looking for a kitten and told me about her and said she was really sweet and I should try to adopt her. So the same day I went down and adopted her before anyone else could. She had to stay at the Humane Society for a few weeks to recover (poor baby).

Now I had been wanting a kitten for some time because I was working a lot of long hours and felt bad for Jazzy my gray kitty that had moved all the way from Toronto, Canada with me. She was lonely and needed a lot of attention.

When I brought Bayside home at that time I was unaware of how to introduce cats properly and Jazzy immediately was threatened by Bayside.

 to be continued.....too many tears falling to type....