Meet Loki

Meow....I'm Loki! I am a cute and handsome boy that was adopted from the Hillsborough County SPCA. I was found as a stray in a Walmart Parking lot. I was at the shelter for a few weeks until my furr-ever Mommy came to pick me up! I love to climb the screen, wrestle with Oliver, (Ollie is 11 months and I am only 4 months but we are the same size! )....I meow when I want attention. They named me Loki at the pound but my Mommy liked it and thought is suited me. She was later told that "Loki" meant chaos....which she soon discovered was true! I am a good boy but love to create a mess, and am a bit of a rough and tumble type of kitty.

Here it Comes!

Oh No!


Tasty Cat-Grass!

WAS that  Cat-Grass?

Whoa.. the porch is spinning!

My first Day Home!

My Auntie V Giving Me Kisses

My Auntie M giving me kisses

Stop working Mom!

Loki Climbing the Screen

Ollie and Loki Wrestling cute!