"A Nation's Greatness can be judged by the treatment of its animals" Mahatma Gandhi

This page is dedicated to our thousands of volunteers that provide food everyday to these homeless pets.  Thank you for taking care of our "feral kitties" 

Here are just a few of the cat's we feed in the Tampa Bay Area. It may not snow in Florida but living outdoors leaves these "Homeless Cats" no place for reprieve. Many times it has rained for days and then gotten cold. The cat's may have fur coats but still suffer the effects of hypothermia.  Many of us find these cats and then eventually are able to Trap and Neuter them but then return them back to the location we picked them up at.


Caticorn lives at a local CVS.  I saw her dash across a parking lot around 9pm at night. You couldn't miss her beautiful fur. She is so sweet yet scared of people. I have tried to catch her but due to the high volume of traffic there is a high chance of her being injured.

Tom Cruz

Tom Cruz lives in an apartment complex and most likely was abandoned by a tenant. Most likely Buddy and Tom Cruz are brothers as the markings are very similar.

  • Did you know it takes One Unaltered Female Cat to reproduce a whooping 500,000 cats in less than 7 years?


This is a really sad story because you can see clearly how skinny the cat is. As I was walking the complex feeding Tom Cruz and Buddy this little guy ran out and followed me. It was so sad to see his haunches. I fed him a few times but then never saw him again. This is what happens when people "dump" their cats in the apartment complex and think "someone else will find them.

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This is Buddy who I believe is "Tom Cruz's" Brother. As you may be able to see he does not have his ear clipped as he never got in the trap for us to neuter him. He tended to really be affectionate to me but would beat up all of the other cats including Tom Cruz and Baby.