Ollie's Toy Reviews

In the "resident" cat's bed

Meow, My name is Ollie.  I am a rescue kitty from the pound here in Tampa, Florida. My mama was a "feral" living in the city.   I was adopted the next day (right after I was neutered) by a  middle aged single lady that thought I would make a great companion for her 8 year old black female cat.  Haha...well you know what they say about intentions! It turns out the current "Resident Cat" is not so impressed with my charms....however I am inching my way closer everyday! My Forever Mommy buys toys and plays with me every day to play with me!  I am excited to share my favorites!

Kong Cat Glider Review:

Ollie absolutely loves this toy! Especially the "mice" inside! He will play with them for hours.

Kong  Cat "Play Toy"

When Ollie "captured" this from the Glider he just went crazy playing with it.

Green Rope Snake: Fun

Rope String Toy

Great toy and Ollie loves getting tangled in the extra long rope! Lightweight, quiet and fun to play with.

Electric Mouse Toy: Boring

This toy is a bit noisy but Ollie would tip it over and then just walk away.

Ollie Plays Fetch! 

Elvira seemed annoyed most of the time when Ollie would try to wrestle with her.

So in May 2016  brought home Loki from the pound.